Frequently Asked Questions

What BAER Teams Can Do:

  • Install water or erosion control devices
  • Sow seeds or plant trees for erosion control or soil stability reasons
  • Install erosion control measures at critical cultural sites
  • Install temporary barriers to protect treated or recovering areas
  • Install warning signs
  • Replace minor safety-related facilities
  • Install appropriate-sized drainage features on roads, trails
  • Prevent permanent loss of threatened or endangered species habitat
  • Plant grass to prevent spread of noxious weeds
  • Monitor BAER treatments

What BAER Teams Can’t Do:

  • Replant commercial forests or grass for forage
  • Excavate or interpret cultural sites
  • Replace burned fences on private land
  • Install interpretive signs
  • Replace burned buildings, bridges, corrals, etc.
  • Repair roads damaged by floods after fire
  • Replace burned habitat
  • Treat pre-existing noxious weeds
  • Monitor fire effects